About Us

Hillsboro Historical Society was formed in 2000 and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The Hillsboro Historical Society was founded in 2000 in response to the City’s 2020 Vision Plan. Our first Board created our Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Hillsboro Historical Society shall be to protect and preserve Hillsboro’s cultural resources through education to historic property owners, appointed and elected officials, and the general public.

Since our beginning, the group has taken on projects within the City of Hillsboro to share local history with the general public. Among these have been guided tours of historic Hillsboro; “Monumental Moments” events at the Pioneer Cemetery, where costumed interpreters tell the stories of our Dearly Departed; research assistance for “Hillsboro to the MAX!,” for the Hillsboro Community Youth Choir; curating a historic exhibit at the new Shute Park Library; several “Hillsboro’s Treasures” events, held at local retirement complexes; and our annual fundraiser, the Time Travelers’ Ball and Exposition.

In 2020 Founder Kay Demlow of Hillsboro ended her 20 year run as President!  She remains of counsel to the new Board which was installed in April of 2020.  The HHS is poised to enter a great growth period as we face the future.  This Board includes people who all have incredible talent and energy.  The best historians in the Region are now among our ranks.  Look for some new and exciting projects to complement what the HHS has done.

Many thanks to Kay Demlow and all of those who have served to create an organization to preserve and protect the history of one of the most historic towns in the State of Oregon and our surrounding valley!


2020 Hillsboro Historical Society Board of Directors


President: Dirk Knudsen, dirkknudsen@gmail.com, (503) 799-8383

President Emeritus: Kay Demlow

VP: Winona Phelps

Secretary: Liza Schade

Treasurer: Robert Brundidge

Public Relations: Jadon Dannehl



Membership: John Platt, jplatt@helvetiawinery.com

Stories on the Streets: Jenny Moore

Annual Fundraiser: April Aasheim

Grants: Kipperlyn Sinclair

Hillsboro History Night: Judy Goldmann

Director-at-Large: Tonya Macalino


Historical Advisors – We are confident that we have the best Historians available in Washington County advising our HHS group and community.  They are:

Ginny Mapes

Judy Gates Goldmann

Liza Schade

Matt Andersen

Eva Guggemos- of counsel – Pacific University

Special Maps Consultant – Paul Cauthorn – Bygonemaps.com