1890 Map Of Historic Hillsboro Shows Exquisite Detail

In the 1890s the town of Hillsboro, Oregon was beginning to grow into a Regional power in the Pacific Northwest. Located about 15 miles West of Portland the community had begun to spread its wings so to speak. Hillsboro began from primarily agricultural roots with some of the very earliest history in the entire territory. Those sturdy Mountain Men and their Native wives had laid the groundwork (1835-1845) for the waves of settlers who flooded into the region with the opening of the Oregon Trail in 1847.

By the time this map was made in 1890, the land grab brought on by the Donation Land Claim Act was played out. This was the era of expansion and of landowners who began pressing their fortunes ahead by selling off portions of their land and completing large land partitions, subdivisions, and Additions. The Morgan and Barnard Company were exquisite Mapmakers and this beauty sits on the wall down in City Hall. No one at that time knew that 130 years later it would remain as one of the best and only early maps of our town from that time nor that it would provide historians with so much great information. Mapmaking is a noble profession but we must appreciate the amount of work it was back then and the skill by which the design, measurements, and designs were put together. Like fine art this map will be given a new life this year, we hope, as our Hillsboro Historical Society is attempting to obtain a copy that we can reproduce for all of you to enjoy and share.

Sharing our stories, maps, photos, artifacts, and our voices are all ways we have and will continue to preserve our town and our history. This is our mission and what we are intent upon doing!

Care to Join Us? Let’s make Hillsboro History together!

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