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Boy oh boy, 2020 was a very historic year. The COVID-19 pandemic tipped the entire world upside down. We all had to learn to survive in a new normal that was challenging. People lost family and friends, their jobs, their homes, and more. Change was everywhere and for the most part, we all hung on and tried to support each other. Politics followed a similar path. Every aspect of our lives changed in 2020 and 2021 is continuing on a similar path. Like any organization, the Hillsboro Historical Society has had to pivot and find new ways to serve our community and our mission.

Kay Demlow, Founder and 20 year President of the Hillsboro Historical Society

We installed a new board and thanked our Founder, Kay Demlow, for two decades of service. Kay brought together the people of Hillsboro and rallied them to protect our historic structures and Hillsboro’s history. She continues to serve the Board as an advisor. As the current President, I have come to rely on her for sage advice as to our policies and procedures. We would not be where we are if it were not for Kay and our community owes her a great debt of appreciation. Our history has been lost in so many ways but without Kay, it could have been much worse. Her activism, lobbying, and commitment has done more than our citizens will ever know.

As 2021 begins the Historical Society is happy to announce that we have produced a fantastic Calendar featuring a total of 14 photos of our historic downtown area.  Each month reveals the evolution of our old town.  From the horse and buggy era with muddy streets to wood planks, asphalt, trains, and automobiles- we covered it all.  Most of these images came from the private collection of Mr. Earle McLain.  His father collected postcards and images of old Hillsboro for decades.  Earle picked up where he left off and acquired the big collection of Mr. Len Gratteri.  Without Earle this Calendar would not be possible, so THANK YOU, Earle!

We ask you all to purchase our Calendar and share them with your friends, families, and business clients.  The Calendar is loaded with fun facts and descriptions and is designed to be a teaching tool as well as a visual masterpiece!  All proceeds go to support the Hillsboro Historical Society in our mission to protect & preserve our history and to educate people.

     How Can You Get a Calendar?

We have a lot of plans for 2021 to host events and learning opportunities within our community.  The pandemic will keep us all on our heels and there is little we can do to change that.  But stay tuned for more from the HHS and in the meantime grab your calendars and enjoy!  We thank you all for your support.

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Dirk Knudsen

President- Hillsboro Historical Society

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