New Year Brings New Opportunities For Hillsboro History Lovers!

1955 was a time to shine for the City of Hillsboro and the people!

Greetings visitors! We wish to welcome you all to the new decade. Your Hillsboro Historical Society is busy at work looking to make a historic splash in this new decade and we want you to join us! We have some new board members and new ideas to help energize our mission.

protect and preserve our historic properties and to educate and engage the public in appreciating the value of our heritage …

Now, more than ever, we are experiencing rapid growth as a community. Groves of ancient trees are being cut, the homelands of our Pioneers and settlers are being developed, and we must work for education and memorialization of the Native people. Historic homes in Hillsboro face many challenges as we look ahead and resources to preserve them are stretched thin. We are at a historic crossroads and yet we are confident that we can make a difference for all of our citizens especially our youth. The torch of history must be carried high and we are going to do that as a Historical Society. We need you with us and ask for your support.

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