COVID-19 History

Echoes from Our Past: How the 1918 pandemic impacted Nevada County ...

Hello, fellow greater Hillsboro, Oregon citizens!  We are in historic times and as a part of our mission here at the Hillsboro Historical Society, it is our duty to document as many stories as we can form all of you!  We have only a few good examples of what happened here in the past during the Spanish Flu of 1918-1920.  We wish we had more.  Now it is up to US to document the stories of our people so that we can tell future generations what happened here, what they need to know, and to pass on facts and evidence of what really happened here!  Therefore we graciously ask you all to submit your story- your COVID-19 life!  The answers to these questions will take a few minutes but will be recorded here and help in our records- you will be remembered for what you went through!  There are 2 ways to send your info in 1) Fill out the form below, OR 2)  Follow this linkFill Out here

PHOTO REQUEST – Take a snapshot, phone pic, etc an submit it to for inclusion with your post.  If you would like to have a porch picture taken we will make an appointment to send someone by your place of residence to capture you as well during this historic time!