Stories on the Streets

For the past couple of years the Hillsboro Historical Society has been working on an interpretative project for the historical buildings of downtown Hillsboro.  The end result of this project will be a series of plaques with engaging stories about the real people who built this town.

Most of the research is complete.  At this time we are at the fund-raising stage which includes grants and public donations.  You can donate now through  our Go Fund Me Page:

Donate Now

You can see the first of the signs on the buildings 2020.

Here is an example of our creative and engaging signs that will be put up around Hillsboro in 2020 as a part of Stories On the Street! Call Dirk Knudsen (503-7989-8383) to find out how you can Sponsor a building and have your business, your loved ones, or your family featured on one of these great sites!